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Relax & Come Home to a Sparkling Clean Home!

Why do we always have to do first time cleaning ? Reason there is "old dirt"and "new dirt" Our first visit get raid of old dirt so things look sparkling and smell clean for you and your family.This is a full top to bottom cleaning service this service brings the homes cleanliness up to the details standard in a short time. It would be impossible for our cleaners to skip the first time cleaning and go straight to start cleaning on a regular basics, no matter how hard we try the old dirt will be there and we cannot maintain the sparkling clean look you want. Which would not be to your satisfaction of having a clean home. 

Before we begin to perform our weekly or bi-weekly cleaning on a home, there are usually a variety of first-time tasks which require extra attention on our first visit.The first visit is like a spring cleaning or what we call a deep and heavy cleaning, in some situation  our cleaners will take from four to eight time longer on the first cleaning than it takes us on a regular repeat visit, every home is different and unique there are some examples of the things we will be doing.

All Rooms

The time and effort it will take to bring all rooms up to standard depends on many things. Clients hire cleaning service simply because they don't have the time to clean.Maybe the furniture has not been moved and vacuumed for some time,window sills, baseboards, light fixtures, bookshelves, and other furnishings that have been neglected for a while and will require lots of tender love and care.


 Cabinets, counter tops and all appliances always require extra attention on our first visit. Grease, fingerprints and other dirt always have a way of entering everyone's  homes, it is possible that every home has dirt and grease in the kitchen, it will  certainly take longer and more difficulty to clean,We may be asked to clean the oven, or inside the refrigerator on the first visit.


We will spend as much time to clean one bathroom as it will take to clean the entire home on regular visits.If we do not take the time and effort  to clean the shower and bathtub walls, shower doors, and the tracks, plumbing fixtures and porcelain artifices,they will never look clean no matter how often we clean, we can avoid the build-up.

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Weekly house cleaning from $99.00  per visit.

Bi -Weekly house cleaning from $119.99 per visit.

One Time  cleaning from $119.99. per visit

Limited time offer.


Weekly house cleaning includes up to 3hours of cleaning,

Bi- Weekly cleaning   includes up to 4hours of cleaning.


We provide weekly, bi-weekly and every 3 weeks of cleaning visits to accommodate your needs. 

We suggest families with small childern have their homes cleaned on a bi-weekly basic for a healthy living environment.

we supply all cleaning products.

We send the same cleaners to your home each visit. (owner is always on site)

give us a call and will gladly make an appointment to come and give you an in home estimate.

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